Photography by

Casey Louise

August 25, 2022

What to wear guide

What to wear for your photography session with Motherhood photographer Casey Louise

What to wear to your photography session! 

Any photography session you book with me will show your love and connection which is always beautiful! If you plan your clothing to compliment my editing style, that will make your images even more stunning. This guide applies to everyone in the session including the men and children! If you follow this clothing guide, your photography session will turn out better than you ever imagined! 

1.) Solid neutral colors are best! Try to avoid patterns. Some patterns depending on our location will clash with the backdrop of your photoshoot. If you have a dress that has a pattern feel free to send me a picture and I can give you feedback. 

2.) Earth tones, whites, creams, grey and tans are the best colors! I have examples of earth tones in my portfolio and I am happy to send you examples. Earth tones give you a lot of options to express your personality. 

3.) Choose a style that you love and feel comfortable and confident in! Feel free to pick clothing in any texture or fit that speaks to you! The most important thing to consider when deciding what to wear is if you feel confident in your clothes! Men also need to wear clothing that fits their body well. It’s about more than just colors. Finding a shirt that fits properly will make him feel confident and happy with the images. 

4.) When deciding what to wear to your maternity session, I strongly recommend two options. The first outfit should be a flowing dress to give you that magical look that only hugs your belly but hangs nicely everywhere else. The second option is something more casual like unbuttoned jeans and a sports bra or white top. Our bodies change a lot during pregnancy and post partum. For newborn sessions, you will want to wear something comfortable that makes you feel beautiful in your new body. 

I do have a limited client closet for anyone interested so feel free to ask! I hope this what to wear guide is helpful when planning for your next photography session with me!