Photography by

Casey Louise

December 17, 2022

When should you book your Photographer?

Seattle Pregnancy Photographer, recommends when to schedule!

Wondering when should you book a photography session???

You have made the best decision to book a photoshoot but now you are not sure how far in advance to schedule your session. Depending on the type of photographer and session you are wanting, the answer may be different. I am here to share with you the best time to book your photographer to make sure you don’t miss out and have the best session experience possible.

  • You are PREGNANT! Congratulations, this is such an exciting time to capture. You may be interested in a maternity photoshoot, a newborn session or both! My suggestion for scheduling your photography session is to book as soon as you are in your second trimester. Your actual maternity session typically takes place around your 32 week mark. Usually at the beginning of your third trimester, you are showing and have that beautiful baby bump. Many pregnant people get a little burst of energy early in the third trimester so you won’t be too tired yet. This makes it a great time to capture your pregnancy with photography. By scheduling your session when you hit the second trimester (13 weeks) You will be able to secure the photographer you want and have plenty of time to plan your perfect session. If you are wanting to book the package to celebrate both maternity and newborn experiences, you would book them together when you are 13 weeks pregnant.
  • NEWBORN Sessions. If you are only wanting a newborn session without maternity, you have a little more time. I would still recommend scheduling as soon as possible though, usually 2-4 months in advance. When I schedule a newborn session, I book it for two weeks after your due date. We really want to have your session within the first 3 weeks after birth, especially if you are wanting some posed newborn images. Of course, it is rare that a baby actually arrives on the due date so your scheduled session may change! When I am expecting a newborn session, I purposely leave a little more flexibility in my schedule around that time to accommodate the actual birth. To make sure you are able to secure the photographer you want within 3 weeks after birth you want to book your session 2-4 months before your due date.
  • Fall/Family sessions! It is NEVER too early to book your yearly family photoshoot!! It is very normal for families to want holiday photos which makes the Fall season the busiest time of year for photographers. If you know you will want holiday images to send out on Christmas cards go ahead and book, even a year in advance if your photographer knows their availability (I open my schedule. Year in advance)
  • Milestone and motherhood sessions. The wonderful thing about milestone sessions is you can also plan these 2-6 months in advance. You know your child’s birthday so if you are wanting a smash cake session, I would recommend scheduling your photoshoot when you start planning their birthday. If you are wanting to celebrate a 6 months milestone or intimate breastfeeding session I would try to book a month in advance to plan out your vision with your photographer for the best experience. Motherhood sessions can be any time you want to celebrate your bond with you child so the only thing to consider is both you and your photographers schedule. The farther in advance you book, the more likely to find the most convenient time for you!