Photography by

Casey Louise

October 7, 2022

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Have you heard the term “Lifestyle Photography” before? Chances are you probably have by now. Lifestyle photographer’s like myself have been leaning into this type of session for many reasons. Lifestyle Photography has slightly different definitions depending on the artist you ask. I am going to share with you MY definition of Lifestyle Photography and let you know why I love it so much! 

Firstly, Lifestyle Photography is a style I have as a family photographer that focuses on feeling and emotion rather than posed, forced smiles. There is a huge difference between smiling FOR the camera “CHEESE” and smiling in front of the camera (true laughter and joy). Lifestyle sessions are full of fun and playfulness rather than stiff posing. I want you to interact with each other and make your photography session an experience where you create joyful memories with the people you love. I am there to capture those moments with my camera and highlight the emotion behind them. When families show up to a session with me as their photographer, I usually start by saying they will be focusing on each other rather than focusing on me and the camera. I direct our lifestyle sessions by recommending affectionate cuddles, kisses, jokes and activities. Lifestyle photography captures who you are and this time in your life, which is one of the many reasons I am a lifestyle photographer. 

Now on to a few reasons lifestyle photography is the type of session for you! 

Why Lifestyle Photography in Seattle works best

1.) You have young children! If you have young children, especially toddlers, you will love a lifestyle photography session with me as your photographer. Getting a young child to sit/stand still and smile at the camera is not an easy task. Although I am able to get those poses, 99% of the time that smile is not their authentic smile/laugh. I want to capture your child’s pure happiness and true smile! During a photography session with me I let them run around and play! It is so much fun for everyone to have parents play, cuddles and interact with their children. This is what makes for the best images of the entire family. This also allows for the child to warm up and get excited about being in front of the camera and me.

2.) If you are a couple or having a maternity session! I want to see your love and excitement towards each other and growing baby (if applicable). I will direct but usually it is asking you to give big affectionate hugs or dance with each other. Holding hands, telling jokes or whispering secrets makes our session light hearted and fun. I get to capture your true relationship into images that will last a lifetime.

3.) You have a newborn baby! My newborn lifestyle sessions are completely lead by your baby’s wants and needs. I love a good posed/wrapped up newborn as much as anyone but what I love the MOST is seeing you with your new baby. This time in your life is precious and can be overwhelming. Even if you don’t want images of yourself, we can get amazing images of your new baby in your arms, over your shoulder or having you keep a hand on them for comfort. Your baby loves being held by you and that makes for the most beautiful images. 

If you want a fun, loving, memorable and beautiful session then I am your lifestyle photographer! I hope this blog has helped you get excited about Lifestyle photography and the images I capture with it.