Photography by

Casey Louise

November 10, 2022

Top 3 reasons to book a Studio Session

New mom laying with newborn baby boy for North Seattle photographer in natural light studio

Studio Photography Seattle | Casey Louise

When planning a family photography session you may not think of having your photoshoot in a studio. Many families think of a beach, park, or mountains etc as a background but booking your photography session at a studio can actually have multiple advantages! I recently became a week-day member at a local studio for these reasons and will be seeing families there through the winter months. Whether you are planning a maternity session, a newborn or a family session, the studio could be the perfect location for your photoshoot. 

1.) The top reason to consider having a studio session is the weather! Especially in the PNW we have unpredictable rain and a good amount of it from November through June. If you plan a studio session from the start, you never have to worry about rescheduling, getting soaked or having umbrellas in your images. Stay warm and comfortable in the photography studio.

2.) The second reason you should consider having a studio session is creativity! A studio can be a blank canvas to make your vision come to life. You can wear whatever you would like and not have to worry about being in public. We can create fun backdrops and use props depending on what you want for your session. 

3.) We can focus more on you and your connections! Take away all of the distractions and keep it clean and simple. We can really highlight personalities and who you really are without background interference.   

If you are in greater Seattle area and need a photographer, I would love to see you in the photography studio! Let’s bring your vision to life and give other families inspiration for their photoshoots.