Photography by

Casey Louise

June 2, 2023

Seattle Maternity Market | Pregnancy & Beyond

Seattle's First Maternity Market event, serving expecting parents and new families!

Seattle Maternity Market, pregnancy event

A re-cap of the Seattle pregnancy and new parent event hosted by Motherhood photographer Casey Louise and Birth Photographer Becky Langseth.

 I’m thrilled to share with you the wonderful experience we had at the recent “Seattle Maternity Market” held at the charming North City Studio in Shoreline, WA. This event was all about celebrating pregnancy, postpartum and providing resources and support for expecting and new parents. Let’s dive into the highlights and the incredible vendors who made this day unforgettable!

  1. Casey Louise Thornton- Photography by Casey Louise. Hey it’s me! I’m your local motherhood and family photographer. Since having my daughter two years ago, my passion for capturing your journey is unmatched. I love celebrating your pregnancy, newborn days and intimate moments. I wanted to create an event where the community could join together to uplift businesses that serve expecting and new parents. My experience as a mother has been made so much better by the help of small businesses and providers like the ones who joined us at the Maternity Market.

2.) Birth Photographer – Becky Langseth.  Preserving the Miracle of Birth: The birth photographer’s presence added a unique touch to the market. They showcased breathtaking images that captured the transformative power and beauty of childbirth, emphasizing the importance of preserving these precious memories. Check out Becky’s portfolio here!  

3.) Birth Doula – Ace Eberle. Guiding You through a Memorable Journey: Expecting parents found solace in the booth of a knowledgeable and compassionate birth doula. They offered guidance, support, and reassurance throughout the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth, empowering families to make informed decisions. Contact Ace here!

4.) Postpartum Doula – Rachael Katz. Nurturing New Parents: Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, and that’s where the postpartum doula stepped in. With a nurturing and compassionate approach, they shared valuable insights, tips, and emotional support to help parents navigate the challenges of the postpartum period with grace. Contact Rachael here! 

5.) Mental Health Specialist Allison- Prioritizing Maternal Well-being: Recognizing the importance of mental health during and after pregnancy, a dedicated mental health specialist provided a safe space for attendees to discuss their concerns, offering guidance and resources to promote overall well-being for mothers and families. Contact Allison here 

6.) Oopsie Daisy Children’s Boutique – Stylish and Sustainable: Oopsie Daisy children’s boutique brought an array of adorable and sustainable clothing options for the little ones. Their booth showcased unique designs, ensuring that moms could dress their children with both style and conscience. Check out the boutique on First street in Snohomish or online here 

7.) Yoga Instructor – the talented Robyn, at Creative Connections. Embracing Mindfulness: Pregnancy and postpartum can be physically and emotionally demanding, which is why the yoga instructor’s booth was a serene oasis. Attendees learned gentle yoga poses and relaxation techniques, empowering them to connect with their bodies and find peace amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Contact Robyn here!

  1. Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist Shelby with Selkie Botanicals- A Well-deserved Pampering: To provide some well-deserved self-care, a skilled massage therapist was available to offer soothing massages. Attendees indulged in rejuvenating sessions, allowing them to unwind and release any tension while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of touch. Contact Shelby here. 

We can't wait for the next Seattle Maternity Market community event in 2024!

If you missed the event this year and would like to be a guest or vendor at our next event, reach out! Planning will start to take place in September 2023 and the next Market will take place in May 2024! We have big plans for a larger venue and many more providers and small businesses. 

Casey Louise is a motherhood photographer capturing maternity, newborn and family photography in Seattle and surrounding cities; Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe and North Bend Washington.