Photography by

Casey Louise

March 7, 2024

Must Haves Baby Registry

Seattle Motherhood Photographer Casey Louise shares Baby Registry "Must Haves" for new parents!

As your maternity and newborn photographer in greater Seattle, I want to support you preparing for baby!

Preparing for baby, especially your first can be exciting and overwhelming. To help make things as relaxing as possible, I’ve created a “Must Haves” baby registry for you! After having my daughter I realized there were so many cute or fun items I ordered that were not necessary. On the flip side, I found myself ordering things just about every day for the first few weeks. This list is meant to be only the essentials.

For Birthing Parent

  1. Frida mom disposable underwear.
    I loved these! They were so comfortable, breathable and stretchy.
  2. Always Maxi pads size XL
    No matter how baby ends up coming out of your body, you will have bleeding (Lochia) during your postpartum stage.
  3. Mattress protector
    If you don’t already have one, now is the time to get a mattress protector! On top of the
    Lochia, your breasts will also leak for a period of time, you will probably experience
    night sweats and if baby sleeps with you there will probably be blow outs and spit up! A
    lot of fluid will be coming out of you and baby so it’s a great idea to protect your
    ( Other items you may want but I did not include are breathable, comfortable clothing.
    Maybe night gowns that are easy to breastfeed in if you’re planning on that. Frida mom
    has an entire postpartum kit that I really love. It includes ice pads, witch hazel, a spray
    bottle and other items for your breasts. )

Sleeping for Baby

  1. Bed side bassinet
    I loved having a safe space for baby to sleep right next to me. Many of them are
    adjustable in height and on wheels so they are easy to move around.
  2. Mittens and booties
    I’m including these mittens and booties from Goumi kids because I love how soft they
    are, high quality and they velcro on the wrist and ankle so they won’t fall off easily. This
    will keep their fingers and toes warm and prevent them from scratching themselves.
  3. Zip up sleep sacks
    My daughter really enjoyed the arm up sleep sacks in this baby registry but really any of them that have a zipper will be great. My husband and I were not the best at swaddling and I did NOT like the Velcro swaddles. Zip up is the way to go.
( I did not include any clothing/pajamas in this blog. That’s because one, many people
will want to gift you clothing and two, you will want to pick these out yourself. I will say I
loved the zip up pajamas or zip up anything. I loved the clothing that had the option to
fold over and cover feet and hands. Little Bipsy has some great onesies like this. You
will also need bedding for your bed side bassinet and will want to choose patterns you
like the most )

Hygiene for Baby

  1. Honest Baby wash
  2. Honest Baby lotion
  3. Frida Baby brush
  4. Booty paste
  5. Honest wipes
  6. Booger/ear wax picker
  7. Diaper genie
  8. Electric nail trimmer (their nails grow insanely fast)


  1. Portable changing pad
  2. Car seat (Please do research and choose the car seat that you feel is the safest and most convenient for you)
  3. Stroller (I LOVE my Bob)
  4. Attachment for car seat to link with the stroller
  5. Wrap carrier for holding baby hands free
  6. Baby backpack because you’ll want to bring many items with you every time you leave
    the house! There are a billion different backpacks out there. You want one that’s easy
    access, comfortable and of course cute!


  1. Bottles (Make sure you get slow flow nipples for the bottles, I like Dr. Browns size 1)
  2. Bottle warmer
  3. Pacifiers (Try to find nipples that resemble your own. I like the binky’s on this registry because they
    are one solid piece)
  4. Bottle brushes

Breastfeeding Specific

  1. Haaka
  2. Pumping bra/Nursing bra
  3. Silverettes (Saved my life. Don’t use any creams or anything with them and wash them properly daily. )
  4. Spectra, I had the portable one that recharges.
  5. Milk storage bags

These items are what I found to be absolutely essential! Other things we purchased that
we utilized all of the time included a rocker/glider and a changing pad for the home (not
portable). This list is meant to be everything you need to get started on your registry
with plenty of room for you to choose what works best for your family.


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Casey Louise is a motherhood photographer capturing maternity, newborn and family photography in Seattle and surrounding cities; Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe and North Bend Washington.