Photography by

Casey Louise

August 1, 2022

Newborn Session Guide

In home or In Studio Newborn Photography in Seattle

Your perfect baby has arrived, or will be arriving soon and you can’t wait to capture those timeless newborn images! These tips will help set you up for a beautiful and relaxed newborn photography session, regardless of the day or time. When you schedule a newborn session and hire me as your photographer, I am happy to come to your home and bring any wraps, bows or newborn outfits we need. We can also rent a photography studio space close by if that is the location you prefer.  

1.) I specialize in family lifestyle newborn sessions. This means focusing on you and your new connection with your sweet baby. If you have other children, I absolutely love capturing them with their new sibling! I will guide the session to make sure every family member gets individual time with baby as well as the family as a whole. 

2.) Your newborn session lasts for up to 2 hours long. This is to allow plenty of time for you to care for baby in any way they need. When I first arrive, I will tour your home to find the best lighting to make sure you receive the best quality images. If baby needs a diaper change or wants milk I will encourage you to care for them on demand because they come first and I am here to capture this special time. I have been breastfeeding my baby for almost 2 years now and fully support any mom wanting to breastfeed. If you are comfortable, do not feel like you need to pump beforehand. I want you to feed your baby any way and anywhere you want to! I am also very happy to capture you nursing your baby as well.   

3.) You will notice your baby likes to be warm! This means you may have your heat up a little more than before you had a baby and you will probably want them bundled up. You do NOT need to turn your house into a sauna because you don’t want your baby or you to over heat. I recommend wearing something you’re comfortable in so you and your baby are at a comfortable temperature. 

4.) Most babies enjoy being swaddled when they are so young because they were just inside of your belly! I recommend changing your baby’s diaper, then wrapping them/swaddling in a blanket and finally feeding them before I arrive. This should allow baby to be happy and comfortable for the start of our session. 

5.) Gather any special blankets, toys, books, or outfits that you want to make sure are in some photos! I always bring, wraps, props and bows or hats but if there is something special from your family or passed down, definitely have it out and ready.  

6.) Lastly and most important, PLEASE do not feel rushed or stressed. Do not feel like you need to clean at all before I arrive. Once I find the best lighting in your home, I am happy to declutter or arrange a small area we will use and I will place everything back where it was before I leave. This is such a precious time in your life and I am beyond thankful you are allowing me to spend time with you and your newest family member. We can take plenty of time for feeding, changing and getting baby comfortable. We always want to respect what the baby wants and needs. I promise the most beautiful newborn photos are of your connection and your happy loved baby.