Photography by

Casey Louise

May 25, 2023

Best Seattle Splash Parks

Seattle Family Photographer captures toddler laughing with mom

Shares the best local splash pad parks for families!

Greater Seattle Family Photographer Casey Louise

Hey friend’s and family! I think we can say Summer is here, and what better way to beat the heat than by visiting some fun water parks in the Greater Seattle area and Snohomish County? Living in the PNW we are surrounded by water but with young children and toddlers, I know sometimes I prefer a splash pad! Whether you’re a parent looking to keep your kids entertained or a photographer searching for authentic and joyful moments to capture, these water parks offer fun-filled activities for the entire family!


Seattle Center Fountain

Growing up in Seattle I definitely created some amazing core memories of playing in the Seattle fountain. The connection made from running in and out, trying to chase the water with family and friends is priceless. While you’re there you can go to the playground or indoor children’s museum and make a family day out of it!

Green Lake

Another Seattle park option to beat the hot weather is classic Green lake. On top of it actually being a lake with water rentals and activities, there is also a wading pool for young babies and toddlers. Grab an ice cream, have a picnic and find shade if you’d like with the beautiful landscaping. The Woodland Park Zoo is also right across the street along with many incredible restaurants. ( Bongos is one of my favorites)


I moved to Edmonds in middle school and stayed through most of college. It’s always an Edmonds kind of day! The city of Edmonds is so family friendly and it’s on the water. If you don’t want to go down to the beach, check out Hazel Miller Spray Park!


Bellevue Downtown Park

My husband currently works in Bellevue and as a mom with a two year old toddler, I love this park. It is huge and has plenty of fields and grass for running around in. This park has a beautiful water feature. This park also has a great playground as well as a splash pad park all right in the center of Bellevue where you can shop and eat.


Redmond downtown park is a great splash pad park. It also happens to be right down the street from Redmond town center which has another splash pad! The best central location for spending a family day together. Grab food to go and enjoy a picnic after spending the morning shopping for summer clothes!


Willis Tucker Community Park

This park is the first splash pad park I took my toddler to last summer when she was only one year old! I loved that they have bathrooms and covered picnic benches as well. This family park has large fields and trails to explore also. Bring some snacks and sunscreen and get ready to have a great time! Forest Park Everett


I just discovered this family park recently thanks to my best friend who lives in Lake Stevens. This playground has direct access to the lake as well as a splash pad! There are bathrooms and covered benches and a large field. There are also multiple restaurants across the street and one of my favorites is Jenny’s cookies!

Lake Tye, Monroe

Okay, so this park does not have a splash pad but it is on a small clean lake and has an awesome playground! There are bathrooms and covered benches and a large field as well. Go for nice walk around the Lake, grab food across the street and play in the sand at the beach!

As your family photographer and fellow toddler mom, I hope you enjoy these parks as much as we do! Most of them open this weekend, Memorial Day and stay open through Labor Day. We would love to see you there some day and create more memories together. I love connecting with all of you from Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Snohomish and Monroe! Stay cool and I hope to see you and capture your families this summer.

Casey Louise is a motherhood photographer capturing maternity, newborn and family photography in Seattle and surrounding cities; Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell, Edmonds, Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe and North Bend Washington.