Photography by

Casey Louise

April 14, 2023

7 Seattle Date night Ideas!

Hey parents, it’s your favorite greater Seattle family photographer, Casey Louise thinking about you again!

Before we had our little bundles of joy we used to have so much time for each other. Why is my family photographer sending me date night ideas you ask? Well I know between work and our toddler, my husband and I spend most of our “quality time” in front of the TV for an hour before bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love our shows and just relaxing once our daughter is asleep but I also miss the adventure and exciting activities we used to do as just a couple in love. We like to prioritize date nights once per month so we have the undivided time to connect with each other. Once you have secured childcare my guess is the first thing you think of going to do is….go eat! Going out to eat and not cooking myself for once is always a treat. Usually I try to plan our date to include a meal however, I also need more excitement than trying a new restaurant. I have compiled a list of SEVEN unique date ideas around the Seattle area that you and your partner should try on your next date night! I know childcare can be expensive and not everyone has family or friends who can help so don’t worry, I have an idea for that too!

1.) Take an Acro Yoga class!!

Okay, hear me out, this is not a traditional yoga class! This was such a fun and connecting experience that required trust and communication. The class started with an exercise regarding active listening. Did you know that most of the time people are listening to each other they are actually just waiting for an opportunity to respond? Being parents requires good active listening not only to our children but especially to each other. I am very guilty of half listening because my mind is usually over stimulated between my daughter and my career. After that we moved on to the fun stuff, acrobatics! Going into this I pictured the good old airplane move and we did that plus so much more. At the end of the class we went around and discussed what our favorite part was. When it was my turn I shared how great it was to do an activity with my husband that not only required us giving each other undivided attention but also focused on us doing something physical and fun. The other benefit from this date night I shared was the boost in body confidence. I am still 20lbs heavier than before I got pregnant. My baby weight two years post birth just hasn’t budged and that can be very challenging. I struggle with body positivity and confidence a lot more these days. That’s why capturing moms during maternity and beyond focusing on their raw beauty is so important to me. I want to boost your body confidence! To be lifted up and moved around and called “light” during this class made me want to cry. I can’t wait to go again! We went to Be One Yoga in Kirkland, WA.

2.) Go on a Seaplane ride!

This one had been on my bucket list for awhile. The puget sound is absolutely stunning in general but especially from above. The ride was about 45 minutes long if I remember correctly. I was shocked to see how beautiful the water was in certain areas around discovery park! I am not afraid of heights but it was definitely thrilling to take off and land in the water from such a small plane. I will say, I did start to get a little motion sickness towards the end so if that is something you struggle with, this may not be the best idea for you. After you’re done go grab a bite to eat or a drink down on South Lake Union!

3.) Take a Group Dance Class!

On Capital hill Century Link Ballroom offers both salsa and swing dance classes weekly! I LOVE to dance. In fact, I love it so much I actually participated in a flash mob in Seattle back in my 20’s. The salsa dance class takes place in a large room where you learn a few moves directed. By the instructor and then you go around practicing with different partners. At the end it opens up to free dancing where you can stay and dance with your spouse and show each other your new skills! I love dancing for the same reasons I loved the Acro class. It allows you to do an activity physically together requiring undivided attention. It’s unlike bowling or put put where it’s a physical activity but you take turns. Dancing is something done together. That’s my favorite way to connect.

4.) Go Glass Blowing!

Create your own piece of art down in Sodo and go glass blowing! You can make bowls, glasses, hanging pieces and more. This date is fun because you can create something together and go home with a product of this fun memory. Warning, it gets HOT! Come wearing layers so you can strip down when things heat up. 😉

5.) Try an Escape room at the Georgetown Morgue!

There are escape rooms of different levels depending on your experience. They also have different themes so you can be as frightened as you’d like. Find clues and work together both physically and mentally to see if you can beat the clock and escape before the time runs out. This is another super fun activity that depending on the room can also be a great group date! This date is sure to have you going home talking about it for days and laughing with each other. My only recommendation with thus date is to remember you are working together as a TEAM. If you are your partner are very competitive remind each other before the game starts that you will need to listen to each other and work together to succeed. 

6.) Enjoy a Hot Tub boat ride on South Lake Union!

Rain or shine, stay warm and enjoy beautiful views of the space needle and city out on the water. Bring snacks, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company. This is a relatively new activity that is so fun people book them out months in advance! Plan a day date in advance and reserve your boat!

7.) Make a Body Painting together!

Last but certainly not least, create a piece of art with your bodies together! Talk about intimacy and connection. We bought the kit online and it comes with a huge canvas and washable body paint. We chose black and white. Wear as little to no clothes as you’d like and start painting each other. Then get on that canvas and make some art! I love this idea for many reasons but one of them is you can do this at night in your home after the kids are asleep. No childcare needed! I got our canvas framed and it hangs above our bathtub.

For more fun ideas including ones at home, we have the Adventure Challenge book. I am not sponsored by any of these companies but have experienced them all personally and enjoyed every minute with my husband. Motherhood is so rewarding in many ways but I never want to stop connecting with my partner or stop doing fun activities for myself. I love celebrating your motherhood journey by capturing your pregnancy, newborn session and family sessions but I also want to support you as an individual and as parents. If you try one of these fun date night ideas, reach out and let me know what you thought! I hope you have a blast and I can’t wait to see you at your next family photography session.

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